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Supporting Program in Tanzania

■Education is what brings you to the next step.

The Human Skills Academy visits the village of Nyamburi and Nyamburi elementary school each year in Tanzania to contribute education for children.

This activity was started by Chihiro Tanaka and Paul Nyantori, her Tanzanian friend she met 16 years ago. People who have participated in this program and interact people in Nyamburi were touched profoundly seeing “what education originally aim for” and experience some change in their life.

Here is one more thing we value in this activity. If you make a contribution or donation, please visit the site at least once with us to see how money you have donated is actually used. By looking at how they are happy to meet you, you will realize that you receive more than you actually give.

On the other hand, in this way children also do not just receive money, but get to know that there is someone who care for them and decide to send money instead of using it for themselves. And by meeting physically this person, it becomes a relationship; they value what they get, and in the future if they see someone in trouble, they, in their turn, would like to help him.

There are many things that need to be done. We are discussing these issues with the school board and adults in the village. Since problem of education naturally is closely related to the future of educated children, thus, creating a job, etc.

I look forward to the wisdom, action, and contribution of those who resonate with this project. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.