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Humanskills Academy offers a variety of programs based on human science and thinking preferences (=habits of your brain) which directly affect both human cognition and behavior. This unique approach to both the surface and the deep layers of the person help you solve various problems and provoke a remarkable change to the person and the organizations.

Visualize with Kaleido Compass

Kaleido Compass is the first online test to discover your thinking style. A simple tool to find out your personal way of perceiving the world, and understand how it affects your everyday relationships in private and at work and reveals also secret of your motive and performance.

The name Kaleido Compass comes from ancient Greek; Kalos = beauty, Eidos= Form Compass= Compass, so it means “Discover your beauty and find a new direction”. Since it was released in 3 languages in 2015, many individuals and companies has been introducing it.

You can do it in 10-15 minutes. At present there are versions, LIFE, JOB, MIRROR and Sport(training and racing).

About yourself

Discover your (unconscious) communication style, behavior patterns, and habits when you gather information, and visualize your aptitudes, strengths, and interpersonal characteristics. By learning about your thinking styles, it is possible not only to solve various relational problems, but also to make most of your strengths in your organizations to improve performance.

Thinking style is not an issue of characters, so it is possible to change it by specific training if necessary. Some people have big difference between thinking styles they use in private and those at work. With Kaleido Compass you can also compare LIFE version with JOB version to find out the potentials which is not used in this moment at work or reduce your stress. Why don’t you just try it? It is a lots of Fun!

About others


Once you discover your thinking styles, let's compare them with someone, friend, colleagues, etc. You can see clearly why you communicate well with one person and with difficulty with another one. Furthermore, you can find out people you do so well with but make the same mistake and people with whom you usually have some conflicts but in reality turn into one of the wonderful complementary relation. By analyzing one’s communication styles and behavior pattern, a boss may get a lot of hints and instructive tips to raise motivation and performance more effectively. Many companies has enjoyed this effect after learning with Keleido Compass.

About a team

Analyzing a team, the team culture become clear. It makes sense as to whether the team as a whole is well-balanced, or inclined in certain thinking styles or whether there’s someone who has a big gap with others in the team. In the result above, people located close to each other probably are fine together because of their similarity, on the other hand, one person located extremely far is quite different from you so that you may feel uncomfortable, but in reality you are complementary for each other. In order to make a team work efficiently and effectively, these objective analysis are very useful. Try Kaleido Compass, effective and interesting tool that allows you to predict and prevent also conflicts in advance.

<How to use Kaleido Compass>

◆ Know your strengths, individual differences (Base of Diversity & Inclusion)

◆ Visualize thinking patterns, trends, and motivational factors (Management by aptitude and leadership)

◆ Culture analysis (global, organizational climate)

◆ Determining the exact need for training

◆(Finding potentials and training result check)

◆ Prevention of various problems such as harassment, stress, decrease in turnover rate

◆ Motivation

◆ wellbeing ⇔ Improvement of engagement level

◆ Career consulting, appropriate management


・team formation and organizational integration

・ Diversity management (sex, generation, culture differences, etc.)

・ Improving one’s own leadership qualities

・ Gap of communication, cause analysis of conflict and solution training - stress management (true cause elimination and prevention)

・ Harassment measures

・ Analysis of human relationships within the organization, solution for performance degradation

・ For coaching of key persons and consultation

Talent management

Designing appropriate job descriptions

Designing optimal job advertisements in ways that only suitable applicants will react

Selecting applicants you really need instead of those who are most impressive

Carrier assessment and consulting

Stress prevention

HR, Recruiting

Designing appropriate job descriptions

Designing optimal job advertisements in ways that only suitable applicants will react

Selecting applicants you really need instead of those who are most impressive

Carrier assessment and consulting

Stress prevention

4 versions of Kaleido Compass

Thinking styles in private or most natural situation. Solution for relations within family and friends. Finding potentials not used at work, cause of stress (compering with JOB)

Thinking styles at work. Strength and motivation factors for performance, improving relationship with colleagues, boss and clients, stress

Test made by other people to visualized how you are perceived in terms of thinking styles.Thinking styles during your training and during your game/race. Comparing training and racing, you can find out the reason why you cannot show your true ability in a game, for example.

Human Skills Academy is a partner-agent of Identity Compass (Germany) Like Kaleido Compass, ID Compass is a test (only Job version) which visualizes thinking styles. While Kaleido Compass's primary purpose is to get more people to know about thinking styles in order to use them in their daily life, ID Compass is more oriented for the expertise with specialized position.

It must be a good idea to use both according to the purpose of your training.