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Life without hurting someone and without being hurt!
This looks only one of the counter-harassment measures, but it raises your quality of your life.

Why people hurt and get hurt?

There are two types of harassment, or situations when someone hurt someone else or get hurt. One is intentional and the other is unintentional.

Most of the cases are the latter; the person who is said to have hurt someone has no idea why he/she gets hurt. And it is the problem in communication.  

On the other hand intentional ones require complete different approach. You have to find out firstly the reasons or motives (sometimes unconscious) of the deed and treat them.

When you analyze particularly this problem created in communication thoroughly, you may find out that it has something to do with “your way of speaking and listening” which you use habitually without consciousness.  Actually 90% of this kind of problems will be resolved by this technique.

【How to speak and how to listen】

When we communicate, we input information and organize it by levels in our brain, depending on what kind of information it relates to. These levels can be divided into two such as “visible level” and “invisible level”.

When we mix up two levels, almost always misunderstandings occur, more specifically when you tell what you see, visible (ex. Behavior) in the invisible level (ex. Identity), it could be accepted as personality attacks, denial or critics , that is one of the mechanism of harassment. Knowing what your brain does during the communication, you can learn how to speak without hurting someone. This mechanism works also when you listen. Many has a brain habit to connect what is said to their identity level and get hurt.

This program helps you identify your habit and get rid of it so that you can learn how to listen without getting hurt. You are the only person you can protect yourself.


Sometimes problems occur not simply because involuntarily you criticize the personality but because there’s no sponsorship in action.

The cause of this kind of harassment is not what you talk, but what you do not talk. In organizations without sponsorship people feel themselves as a number without name and do not feel any trust, attribution or motivation. In this program we also learn how to express the sponsorship and how to create a good organization with sponsorship.

【Skills up for persons in charge 】

Human skills Academy has a special program for persons in charge of Harassment in organizations. Very often persons in charge are not specialists, they are just assigned this role and do not have a chance to learn some specific knowledge and practical skills. So it is natural that sometimes problems become more complicated and they themselves end up getting stressed and exhausted. It is fundamental for them to have a certain set of skills, such as how to assist people with difficulty, how to listen calmly without being emotionally involved, etc.