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The world becomes a better place because of YOU! 

Who are you?
What does the world need your talent can provide?
To figure out how you want to serve the world and how you are fulfilled…

Finding your personal vision and Identity

What are your most important objectives and dreams in your life? What are the fundamental things you must have for you to be happy, excited and motivated? Knowing your core values and conditions for your wellness and happiness is a must if you want to have a wonderful life not only in your private but also business life. (You spend almost half of your life time working.) Carrier Design Program is dedicated to find out and confirm this, moving from your childhood and your moment of the death. After finding typical episodes represent you, we connect them, deepen them to discover this secret. Once you find it out, you will always know how you can organize your work and how to cope with others and will not be influenced by small events or changes.

1. Listing up all exciting moments and connecting episodes

2. Discover your universal set of value

3. Discover yourself, your mission and vision

4. Individual alignment

5. Group coaching

6. Action plan for the future




Aligning your vision with that of the company

Do you know your company’s vision? Is your vision of life fit to it? How can you enjoy it realizing your own vision? This is a very important pass to unite your personal vision to that of the company, finding your value in your work. Sharing this with other team members, you can find also your role, place inside of it.

1. Sharing the company value, Identity and vision

2. To confirm how it is manifested in rules, procedures and behaviours

3. Checking how your personal vision match with that of the company

4. Alignment and ecological check

5. Your role in your company

6. Sharing

7. Alignment as a team

How to turn on your switch

We all have some time in which, knowing very well our vision and actions to take, cannot move as we wish for many reasons. This part of the program is very useful for overcome this critical moments; you learn how to turn your switch. This is something to do with your mental strategy and the combination of your thinking styles in action.

Carrier Design by target

There are several Carrier Design Program aimed at some specific target.

1. Top management

2. Leaders

3. Seniors

4. Global H.R.

5. Younger persons

6. Carrier design with Life Balance