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Trainers’ Training

We have 3 trainer’s training courses

1) Kaleido Compass international licensed trainer

For people who want to do trainings and consultation using Kaleido Compass. With Kaleido Compass you can visualize;

◆ communication style

◆ your strengths, individual differences

◆ thinking styles, behavior pattern and motivational factors

◆ Organizational culture analysis, analysis for team building

And with these results and analysis you can do;

◆ Determining the exact need for training (finding potentials, raising stress tolerance, etc)

◆ Improving one’s own leadership qualities

◆ Decrease absentee, prevention of stress and depression

◆ Career consulting

◆ Designing appropriate job descriptions

◆ Selecting applicants you really need instead of those who are most impressive

◆ Improving the level of happiness for both individuals and organizations

◆ Aptitude and training for leader, innovator, sales people, etc.

◆ Global Human Resource Development

You can also get;

◆ discount for test

◆ instruction for using professional dashboard

◆ usage of all versions, Life, Job, Mirror and Sport(training and racing)

◆ results in database format

◆ combination for various model of aptitude

◆ various statistics for research and marketing

2) Stress Zero trainer

For people who want to spread Stress Zero as instructors There are many people who are troubled with stress and unable to make the best out of themselves.

Stress Zero shall free people from the spell of stress now and in the future. The attendees of this course could realize that it was not a simple theory but practical set of techniques which you can improve people’s performance and human relations.

Stress Zero is also a “mental health countermeasure” for prevention.

3) Identity Compass trainer

Human Skills Academy, as a partner-agent exclusively authorized in Japan, offer licensed trainers’ training.