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Stress Zero Series with fun
No more painful stress – lifetime skills for you!

Stress Zero Series

Stress Zero Series are fundamentally different to previous stress relief methods, which are temporary solutions.

Those series were elucidated by human science, body structure, and mechanism of brain and systematized in handy format as techniques, which have already been practiced with results by 30,000 people in 25 countries.

Stress Zero Series

3 steps of Stress Zero Series

3) Stress Zero Management (Organisation)


We herein touch upon stress in organization where many people have various behavior patterns and different work methods which create stress. Stress Zero Management is to answer to your problems caused by the stress and thoughts of being minority, being unsuitable for the current work and so on.

Analyzing thinking preference and taste scientifically makes realizing that uncongenial people are actually in complementary relation to you or discovers a way to make the best out of yourself.

2) Stress Zero Communication (Interpersonal)


We analyze particularly causes of stress created in human communication thoroughly. You may perceive “your way of speech and listening”, which creates stress habitually without consciousness, by comprehending your thinking level in brain.

“No more getting hurt”. “No more hurting others”. 90% of problems in communication will be resolved by this technique.

1) Stress Zero Technique (Individual)


Stress is created under certain conditions in human science however Stress Zero Technique intervenes three aspects: “body”, “visual” and “word” directly, which are based on creating our emotion and find out “program of sensing stress” and replace to “program which unable to sense stress” to the contrary.

To prevent your stress

No one can live without stress throughout life but at school no one teach you how to prevent it or at least what we can do to protect ourselves when we encounter it? Stress Zero is a very useful method to reduce stress but also to prevent it, which highly likely lacks from the current “mental health countermeasure”.

You also have a lot of hints to introduce in your daily life; such as where to put your files you use every day or how you can effectively use colors and music, following this method.

Creating a good workplace

It has been a long while since mental health problem within organization was started to be discussed. It appears that the situation has been deteriorated although some companies appoint medical specialists, make great efforts to encourage their employees to use their paid holiday, reduce late work, organize meeting regularly or introduce tests.

So how can we prevent creating the circumstances, not only helping people who are suffered from stress? What is the technique which makes us notice warning signs from people around you and help each other without relying on medical specialists?

We are of the opinion that the most necessity is to learn correct knowledge and technique which keep healthy mental condition at workplace, make the best out of ourselves and prevent or cope stress while we are mentally fit. Human Skills Academy may suggest various solutions for mental health problems not only for individual but also for organizations.

Skills up for persons in charge

Human skills Academy has a special program for persons in charge of Mental Health in organizations.

Very often persons in charge are not specialists, they are just assigned this role and do not have a chance to learn some specific knowledge and practical skills. So it is natural that sometimes problems become more complicated and they themselves end up suffering from higher stress or mental problem. It is fundamental for them to have certain set of skills, such as how to assist stressed people, how to listen calmly without being emotionally involved, etc.